Established in 2009.

In the 1800’s Pera was the place to go for imported treasures and to see and be seen. It was also the home to immigrants of various backgrounds doing business and living side by side.

We bring people together

On the outskirts of Pera is the long standing Romani neighborhood known as Kumkapi. Where many a Romani musician honed their musical skills to entertain not only in the Beyoglu district, but around the world. In short the district of Pera brought people from all races and backgrounds together, just like good Mediterranean food can!

Pera Today

Today Pera is known to Turkish citizens and visitors as Beyoglu (BEY-oh-loo) and sits on the north bank of the Golden Horn, from Karaköy (Galata) and the Galata Bridge to Taksim Square which make up the European side of Istanbul.

Here you can find nightlife, quaint cafes, artists lofts, and dealers for such prizes as fine Ouds(bowl lutes), the Darbuka (Middle Eastern hand drum), and the Keman (Turkish violin) among other fine Turkish, Greek, and Romani made instruments.